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The 12 Gifts of CPD Fest
The CPD Fest - Ireland’s Biggest and Best Loved CPD Event
We're bringing the 12 Gifts of CPD Fest back for 2020!

You see, every year, accountant after accountant goes out of their way to compliment us on the amazing quality of our note packs

Very often the supporting documentation in the note pack is worth far more than the investment in the event itself.
Our speakers out-do themselves every year and this gave us an idea. We had to find some way to demonstrate how invaluable our note packs are. That is how we came up with The 12 Gifts Of CPD Fest.
Over the next 12 days, we are going to share some massively valuable elements of the CPD Fest and Essential Advisors' Mix note packs with you. 

We will be sharing guides, financial statements, checklists, tools, support documents and reports all the way up to and including the kitchen sink!

12 Gifts of CPD Fest Sign Up

Get access to our 12 Gifts of CPD Fest members area to download your gifts!

Once registered for The 12 Gifts Of CPD Fest you will get instant access to the following as well as all the future gifts:
  Gift 1 - Covid Act Accompanying AGM Guide
  Gift 2 - 11 Top Tax Pitfalls
  Gift 3 - Covid-19 Disclosure Checklist
  Gift 4 - Covid-19 Going Concern Checklist
  Gift 5 - Tax Planning Opportunity Checklist 
  Gift 6 - Company Law Opportunities Checklist
  Gift 7 - Tax Advisors’ Revenue Audit Pocket Guide
  Gift 8 - Subsequent Events - Covid-19 Checklist
  Gift 9 - FRS 102 Covid-19 Guide
  Gift 10 - Covid-19 Supplementary Audit Procedures Checklist
  Gift 11 - Corporate Restructuring Checklist
   Gift 12 - The Business Owner's Success Path

Essential Advisors Mix 2020

December 2, 16 and 21

Book any full day & get 2 BONUS hours of Audit CPD by Des O'Neill & Colm Owens.

Essentials Advisors Mix is back for 2020 in virtual form, with each day offering 8 hours of CPD. This year we are also giving away a BONUS 2 hours of Audit CPD for anyone who books any full day on the Essential Advisors Mix.

CPD Fest 2020

December 14 - 18

CPD Fest 2020 takes your virtual event experience to the next level.

The CPD Fest 2020 features 40 x 2 Hour CPD sessions delivered across 5 days, with 2 streams running per day. Simply purchase the number of CPD Fest Credits you require, then select the sessions of your choice from any of the 40 available.