GDPR Toolkit For Accountants 2.0
Efficient and Profitable GDPR Compliance for Irish Accountants
GDPR - The Reality For Irish Accountants
Imagine an accountancy firm where you could just get on with the work that you are best at: doing the most important things; delivering the greatest value; helping your clients grow profitable and sustainable business. And in doing so, you build a compliant, profitable and enjoyable business for yourself and your team. 

Imagine if that was your only focus. Isn't this the dream of every accountant?

Unfortunately, accountants like you have so much other "stuff" crossing your desk. So much to deal with. So much to implement. Things like GDPR just come out of the blue. Not really your core area but something that you must implement. Not what you are trained in, not going to get paid for it. Just another cost of doing business. Another burden, another stress.

GDPR Toolkit For Accountants 2.0
It is hard to believe that it is just over a year since GDPR became effective in Ireland.

The initial media hype about GDPR may have settled down in the aftermath of its introduction but the implementation grace-period across Europe seems to be coming to an end, with the first fines being handed out to small businesses for failure to comply and breach of policy.

Our recent GDPR survey shows that Irish Accountants, while many may have undertaken some basic GDPR steps, are not where they should be in demonstrating compliance with the Regulations. In fact, many firms have an element of exposure as they have some policies in place without specified procedures underpinning them which may lead to even greater issues down the line.

With our GDPR Toolkit For Accountants 2.0 Programme we went right back to the drawing board. Based on your feedback, it is evident that accountants want GDPR Compliance – quicker, easier & with less hassle. 

Well, we heard you loud and clear, and that is exactly what we have done with GDPR Toolkit For Accountants 2.0. 
Let OmniPro Remove Your GDPR Stress and Headaches
Join The GDPR Toolkit for Accountants today to ensure your firm can demonstrate GDPR Compliance in the most efficient, effective and profitable manner.
GDPR Toolkit For Accountants 2.0 - What You Get
The GDPR Toolkit for Accountants 2.0 is the most comprehensive GDPR resource available to Irish Accountants. The Toolkit contains all the checklists, templates, policies, procedures, tools and also the guidance and support to assist you demonstrate GDPR Compliance in your firm. 

This Toolkit ultimately gives you GDPR peace-of-mind, enabling you to focus on the areas you can add the most value in your business - helping your clients grow profitable and sustainable businesses.

You get all the templates and documents you need delivered in bite-size chunks in a way that makes it easy for you to implement. This time we are slowing it down. 6 Webinars over 4 months followed by 2 more in the new year to finalise and wrap up GDPR.

Each module contains a maximum of 10 Policies or Templates. This year we have created an implementation video for every template in the toolkit. Each video provides you with an overview of the template, how it links with other policies and procedures, the key elements and then the steps you need to take to implement.

One week after every module is released, we have a live implementation webinar to answer any questions you may have in relation to the material covered in that module. 

Each month you will apply the templates and the knowledge you have gained in bite-size chunks as you build your firms policies and procedures for real world GDPR Compliance.
By the end of the summer we will have taken you by the hand and walked you through the practical assessment and establishment of your Firm's GDPR Policies and Procedures. Not only will you get your GDPR done, you will also get 8 hours of CPD.

We aim to have you fully up and running before things start to get busy in September but if you miss any of the webinars, you will be able to catch them up in the portal and take this at your own pace as a self-study implementation programme.
A Practical Implementation Focused Approach
We have taken a practical, outcome-focused approach to your GDPR implementation. Our 2.0 programme groups the policies and procedures into sections and then provides you with individual training modules for each policy and procedure.

We will give you the template, explain the purpose and practical application, identify the edits you need to make and outline the actions you need to take to implement.

If you updated our template policies last year, then this is an ideal opportunity to review, revise and to incorporate our findings based on a full year of implementation in Ireland.

Yes, you will understand the principles of GDPR but it will be from the viewpoint of practical implementation.
A Longer Runway
One of our key learnings from the roll-out of GDPR For Accountants 1.0 was that it takes time: time to understand; time to process; time to implement. With that in mind, we have spread the implementation webinars out over an extended period of time. There will be one implementation webinar in June, two in both July & August and the final implementation webinar in September. In addition, we will have follow on webinars in January & February 2020. This will give you the time and space to slot your GDPR Implementation processes into your busy schedule.

Our goal is to get you to a position that you demonstrate compliance with GDPR by the end of the programme and have true GDPR peace-of-mind that you are exactly where you need to be.
Up To 16 Hours CPD
Between the live implementation calls and the GDPR Conference, with both Live and Virtual attendance options, your membership to GDPR for Accountants 2.0 will give you access to up to 16 hours CPD.
GDPR Toolkit for Accountants 2.0
Your 5-Step Accountants' GDPR Success Path
GDPR Toolkit For Accountants Programme Modules

Stage 1 -
GDPR First Steps - Getting Started
Stage 2 -
Fundamentals of GDPR - The Cornerstones
Stage 3 -
GDPR Essentials - Achieving Minimum Compliance
Stage 4 -
Building on GDPR Compliance - Up and Running
Stage 5 -
Keeping on Top of GDPR - Ongoing Maintenance
Demonstration of Compliance % Having Implemented Module





Your GDPR Toolkit For Accountants - Investment
GDPR Toolkit 2.0
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GDPR Toolkit 2.0
Single Pay Option

  • Discounted Single Payment Option
GDPR Toolkit For Accountants 2.0 Overview
When you register for The GDPR Toolkit For Accountants 2.0 before the deadline you receive the following:
  • GDPR for Accountants Toolkit (including over 50 template procedures, policies and guidance documents)
  • Individual implementation modules for each policy and procedure (on demand)
  • Up to 16 Hours CPD (worth €500)
  • 6 live implementation calls
  • ​Bonus 1 - A seat on the GDPR For Accountants Conference (8 Hour Event – in person or virtual attendance & on demand option)
  • ​Bonus 2 – Team Practical Technology Awareness Module
  • ​Bonus 3 – Team GDPR Implementation Training Module
  • GDPR Peace-of-Mind
It Is Not Just About You Though - Your Membership Will Help Others
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